The Fruit Trees Have Arrived

I woke up to about half an inch of snow on my porch this morning.  It didn’t even phase me, I already had plans to stop out to McKeone Orchard & Nursery and pick my trees up this afternoon.  During my chat with Sean, I learned a lot and when I left the bed of my truck was filled with trees and my head was filled with ideas.

The original plan was to get all the trees planted before Easter… Well, okay the original plan was to have the trees planted weeks ago, but the updated original plan is to have the trees planted before Easter.  Mother Nature is not going to cooperate but at least I wont have a lot of watering to do.  I hope all goes well and the weather is not too bad to get some photos of the planting.

Stay tuned, I will try to post an update in a day or two…

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