Input Needed For High Tunnel Berry Survey

A nationwide project is underway to determine what information berry growers are lacking for tunnel production.  If you currently grow berries in a tunnel or are even thinking about it, take fifteen minutes and fill the surevey out.  It is 100% annonymous and does not request any personal information. 

Below is the request that was sent out.  Please pass it along to anyone you feel would be intrested.

Dear Berry Grower,

Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University and Michigan State University ask for your assistance and participation in a research project funded by the USDA Specialty Crop Research Initiative to help researchers and ultimately, growers nationwide.

The purpose of this research is to gather input from growers to ascertain the directions in which to take future high tunnel research and extension efforts on berry crops. High tunnels refer to temporary protective structures and include hoop houses, temporary greenhouses, unheated greenhouses, and rain or sun shelters, but not permanent greenhouses that are temperature-controlled.

We ask that you provide input through a 15 minute survey about your experiences and/or concerns with growing berries in a high tunnel, and if applicable how production and marketing differs between production in high tunnels and in the field. You will also be asked to comment on issues and challenges you’ve encountered or expect to encounter and what educational information you believe will assist you in achieving your production and marketing goals.

Your decision to be in this research is voluntary. You can stop at any time. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer. You must be 18 years of age or older and either be someone who has produced berries in a high tunnel (including a hoop house, temporary greenhouse, and rain or sun shelter), or someone who is considering producing berries in a high tunnel to take part in this research study.

If you have questions or need additional information please contact: Kathy Demchak, Department of Horticulture, 107A Tyson Building, University Park, PA 16802 Email: * Phone: (814) 863-2303

We thank you in advance for your help with this project.  To participate in the study please click on the link:

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