Bits N Brambles is an organic farm in Potter County, Pennsylvania , about 15 minutes from Coudersport.  Our main crops are blackberries and raspberries, but we also grow hot peppers and other vegetables.

Our main production is done in high tunnels, on that I build on my own that is 20’x40′ and another made by ClearSpan that measures 26’x96′.  We are 100% organic and on our way to becoming certified.

We are still learning the ins and outs of high tunnel production but have a great network of friends and family that help us out along the way.  Some of their farm blogs are linked to this site under Potter County Farm Blogs in the column to the right, so go check them out.

Bramble take a few years to start producing to their full potential so we are still experimenting with different cultivars in the tunnels.  We of course would like a bountiful harvest, but we will not sacrifice quality and flavor for quantity.  Saturdays in the summer and fall, you can usually find us setup on the courthouse square in Coudersport with fresh picked produce for the Farmers Market.  So if you are in the area stop down and see what the Farmers Market has to offer and say hello.

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