Snow In The High Tunnel

A popular way to insulate crops for overwintering in a tunnel is to bury them in snow.  This is especially helpful the further north you go.  It is a great idea and crops tend to emerge more vigorous in the spring, but it does take a lot of time to haul enough snow into the tunnel to make a difference.

I do not have the time to bury our blackberries, raspberries and other fruits in the snow but this morning I did have a layer of snow in our large tunnel.  We are under a high wind warning until around 21:00 tonight so I was inspecting the tunnel for damage.  So far so good, this time around.  The wind storm we had last week blew out one of my end panels so the tunnel is wide open, hence the snow.

I called up FarmTek where we bought the tunnel from, and they were very helpful.  They sent me a new zipper to repair my blowout and also emailed plans to modify the panel for use in a high wind area (that would be our area).  I went and picked up most of the stuff I need to modify the panel.  Now all I need is a nice calm day.  I will let you know how it goes….

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